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It's great to see that you're interested in some of the same stuff that I am.  If you're wondering where to start I've organised my articles / blog posts in some semblance of order below. Choose what you are interested in and click on the line to see what I've said about these subjects.

Interested in Book Recommendations and Reviews?

These reviews (or sometimes discussions) inform other readers with similar tastes about books that I like, which they may or may not like as well.

  •  Recommended Reading - These are long articles about books I would recommend reading.
  •  QuickLooks - These are short article about about books I would recommend reading.
  •  Origins - These are not a review, per se,  but a personal story about my introduction to a certain book or author.

    By Topic:

Looking For A New Book?

  •  Discover - In these articles I provide you with a preview of books I think look interesting and I would like you to consider too. I may not have read these books yet, but they are on my radar and I would like to share my interests with you.  Check them out and see what you think.  

Interested In Writing?

Think Pieces About Books And Technology.

Two of my favourite topics are books and technology. I look at them separately but also like to explore the ways in which the two are compatible or not so compatible.

Insights from a Bookseller.

For over ten years I worked in the book selling industry.  More specifically for a non-profit Christian book chain.  Here you'll find a few articles about my experiences and maybe some advice for booksellers or want-to-be-booksellers.

Weekend Reads (Originally The RAW* Collection)

 Here you'll find an eclectic collection of articles which piqued my interest. They range from articles on books, technology, science, pop culture or anything else that took my fancy and I enjoyed reading.
* Standing for Random Articles across the Web. 

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