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2018 Season

 Crazy Busy | Books for Spiritual Growth | Christian Productivity  Productivity: Understanding The Meaning Of Life | Books for Growth 02
Union Station Series - Recommended Reading Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon

2017 Season

What's the Difference Between Christian Science Fiction and Regular Science Fiction | Ask Wolf Conquers Saga | #6 Treasures from the Bookshelf
 Star Wars or Star Trek  a critique of Utopian fiction  Pandora's Star | #5 Treasures from the Bookshelf

2016 Season

Behind The Scenes And Outtakes 2016 The Lack Of Resolutions In The Wheel Of Time 
New Star Trek Movies Controversy Explained | Kelvin Timeline The Best Way To Experience Shakespeare 
Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds Rampart Worlds Series by Julian May 
Freedom Series by Anne McCaffrey Quick, Fun Bookshelf Tour

2015 Season

 Does Science Fiction Have A Canon | Essential Reading  Have You Considered 'Going Digital' With Your Reading? | Discussion
The Silver Ships & The Atlantis Ship | Recommended Reading Reading Slump | 7 Ideas On How To Overcome It

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