Hi, thanks for visiting Wolf'sBooks. I'm Wolf McTavish and I'm on a quest.

My mission is to live vicariously through reading books. I especially like to jump forward in time to visit new planets, test drive different types of space ships and meet new species and cultures. I'm also partial to traveling back in time (or sideways) to enjoy an adventure or two and keep my sword play skills up to par.

While Science Fiction is my favourite genre to escape to, I also enjoy Fantasy and Detective Fiction. In the non-fiction section I like Theology, History and Leadership books.

This quest is neverending as there are always more good books to read.

Where to Start?

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Need a writer?

Audiences are always ready for one more voice.

Do you have a website or magazine and you need a new voice, someone with fresh insight or just need a break?

Why not contact me. We can discuss what you need, it could be using an existing article on my blog or a new article.  I'm interested in a wide range of topics from Technology to Theology, from Science Fiction to Sherlock Holmes and more!

OK, so you want to know more about me? 

 For over ten years I worked in the book selling industry. More specifically for a non-profit Christian book chain, you could say I married into it.

I have always been interested in books and spent a lot of time around book shops and libraries. My lunch breaks involved a walk to the closest bookshop or a visit to the city library. When I moved to Sydney to study Theology, I knew the way to many of the larger bookshops there. So it was only natural that when I moved north I found the local Christian bookshop. There was a girl who volunteered at this shop, and was also a member of my church, who made visiting it all the more attractive.

After we married we were presented with two options, move back out to a small 'Outback' mining town and continue as a pastor there or join the Christian book shop as managers of a new shop. We choose the latter. It was an interesting time and you can read about some of our adventures in the Tales from the Bookshop posts.

Join me in the adventure that I call Wolfs Books' and stuff....

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