Sep 6, 2017

Discover | River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey

River of Teeth is a alternate history adventure. I find alternate history adventures are a lot like my quest for the perfect cup of coffee.  At one stage I remember drinking the perfect cup of coffee, but can't remember where. So my life has become the search for the perfect cup, and inevitably find myself disappointed.

It's the same with alternate history adventures, I really want to read a good one so am always reading them but mostly I end up with a taste of ashes in my mouth.  Not to say that this is the case with River of Teeth, I'm hoping this one will be as whimsical as the critics say.

How about you? Have you read this book? What do you think?

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River of Teeth

River of Teeth Book 1
by Sarah Gailey
Sarah Gailey's wildfire debut River of Teeth is a rollicking alternate history adventure that Charlie Jane Anders calls "preposterously fun."

In the early 20th Century, the United States government concocted a plan to import hippopotamuses into the marshlands of Louisiana to be bred and slaughtered as an alternative meat source. This is true.

Other true things about hippos: they are savage, they are fast, and their jaws can snap a man in two.

This was a terrible plan.

Contained within this volume is an 1890s America that might have been: a bayou overrun by feral hippos and mercenary hippo wranglers from around the globe. It is the story of Winslow Houndstooth and his crew. It is the story of their fortunes. It is the story of his revenge.

In these post titled 'Discovery (or Up and Coming Reads)', I want to provide you with some suggested reading material. These are books which look interesting to me and that I'd like to share with you. The links will be affiliate links, so if you going to make a purchase at Amazon I'd appreciate you using the link. Doing so will help me buy more books so it should be a win-win for us both.

Enjoy reading more and thinking more... with your favourite beverage!

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