Feb 23, 2018

Weekend Reads - 180223

If you heard about a movie so good that no other entertainment could compete with it, would you watch it? If you knew it would destroy your life because after watching it all you would want to do is watch it again repeatedly and if not watching it talk only about it... would you still watch it?

That's the topic our first article explores, it's a difficult one to answer.

Next up there are two articles, each to balance the other, they discuss opposing viewpoints of whether to be pro-library or anti-library, both have some good points of view and need to be considered.

And there's more, so when you've found a quite time this weekend, grab your favourite beverage and enjoy reading more, and thinking more.

We as a culture have stopped or are afraid to teach ourselves that pleasure is dangerous, and that some kinds of pleasure are better than others, and that part of being a human being means deciding how much active participation we want to have in our own lives.

When I was interviewing readers and library users for my PhD, one of the questions I asked them was how they decided whether to buy or borrow a book. The answers were interesting. I thought about my own answers. What made me buy a book versus borrowing a book? In the past decade, that answer has changed...

Stop beating yourself up for buying too many books or for having a to-read list that you could never get through in three lifetimes. All those books you haven't read are indeed a sign of your ignorance. But if you know how ignorant you are, you're way ahead of the vast majority of other people.

The head of one of the world’s largest book publishers has described the ebook as “a stupid product” that is unlikely to see further growth.

My story has come a long way since I first started writing it, and so have I. My story has changed and grown and improved, and I with it. I’ve learned a lot from this journey of mine, and I’ll try and share some of the key points here.

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