Sep 10, 2014

Creating Beats Consuming

One of the reasons why I started this blog was that I had read an article about creating rather than consuming.  So, I decided instead of just reading books, I would review them as well.  Rather than reading about books I would write about them as well.   The basic premises behind this post I was that we have an innate desire to create and in order to grow we need to become creators.

It was years ago, around 2009, that I had read this article and I haven't been unable to find it again.  I did find ones very similar which resonated with me.  Feel free to read more about the Create rather than Consume topic at Art of Manliness and Summation.

I loved the entire article which Brett & Kate McKay wrote and my wife grew weary of my verbal quoting of  it.  But I specifically loved what Auren Hoffman wrote
Writing beats reading. Coding beats pretty much everything. Yes, creating beats consuming.
Until I read that I hadn't realised how much I missed the part of my previous job that included doing the graphic design and the coding of several websites.  I did these job without having those specific qualifications, just a desire to create.  That's one of the things I loved about working for a small company, there was a lot of job variety if you wanted it.

The other reason I decided to continue creating content for this website is for the experience.  I recently have been wanting to do more writing and in order to improve my writing skill I need to be  creating (or doing) rather than consuming (sitting around reading articles about how to write).

So you may have noticed that some of the older blogs are getting some visual updates as I practice my graphic design skills and try to bring some uniformity to this blog.

Rather than just posting reviews about books and tracking my reading as I originally intended, I will try my hand at several subjects.  I will be writing on a range of book related topics; book reviews, the books verses e-books topic and authors.  I am also interested in technology so I may slot in some book related technology articles.  Anything really that interests me as it is my blog and I am doing this for the practice and discipline.

Thanks for being part of the journey.

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written 8th October 2014, backdating to 10/09/14

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