Oct 31, 2014

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RAW offering, articles you may wish to peruse this weekend over your favourite beverage:
  • Browser-Based Ebook Publishing: How Come and How-To
  • Guest Post: Is Kindle Scout Worth the Risk? For Me, Yes
  • 44 Great American Bookstores Every Book Lover Must Visit
  • One Google Employee Explains Why Working At Google Is So Great
  • Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you
  • Why confidence is overrated

Shameless plug for my previous article:

wolfsbooks.blogspot - How to collect your children's e-books, from various sources, into one library.  The other day my wife asked me if we are able to connect our Kid’s iPad up to our e-Book account but restrict the download of certain books onto their device.  Specifically she wanted to select the titles that the kids have access to on their devices and leave the rest untouched. ...Read More



Browser-Based Ebook Publishing: How Come and How-To

digitalbookworld.com - In the past few years we’ve seen the sales figures of tablets and phones begin to eclipse those of the e-ink e-reader, and in many developing countries access to mobile phones is often a reader’s best or only access to a digital device. Many publishers and retailers have responded by creating apps for each platform, each requiring a dedicated team of developers to create and maintain. But there’s another option: the web browser. ...Read More

Guest Post: Is Kindle Scout Worth the Risk? For Me, Yes

the-digital-reader.com- The Kindle Scout program is getting a lot of buzz, and some controversy, from the writing universe. Is it worth the risk? For me, the answer is yes. Here’s why ...Read More


44 Great American Bookstores Every Book Lover Must Visit

bussfeed.com- Fighting the good fight for the American bibliophile. Have you shown your local indie love this week? ...Read More


businessinsider.com.au - Google is a legendary employer. With its high pay, smorgasbord of perks, valuable stock options, and amazing tech projects, it is constantly No. 1 on the various “best places to work” surveys. So someone posed a question on Quora recently that asked if working at Google really was like a recruitment video, where one person described it “like a big playground.” Or was working at Google was “over-rated”? ...Read More

news.yahoo.com - Given the frenzy of interest following the announcement of the Apple Watch, you might think wearables will be the next really important shift in technology.  Not so. ...Read More


cnn.business - Contemporary culture is in thrall to the idea that more confidence is the solution to all our problems.  However, there is little evidence for the positive effects of high confidence, says psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic ...Read More

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