Nov 23, 2014

Two Reasons To Stay Up Past Your Bedtime

Here are two e-Books I read and thoroughly enjoyed.  Both of these books were written in such a way that I didn't want to put it down, so I stayed up well past my normal bedtime eagerly reading.  I am now recommending them to you to read.  Let me know if you have read them and if so, what you thought.

I could say that the author approached me personally and invited me to read this book...

Convergent Space By John-Paul Cleary

In this epic space opera, Earth is a faded galactic power with a chequered past. Blamed for an event 200 years earlier that destroyed thousands of worlds and turned the galaxy upside-down, Earth has been shunned by galactic society ever since.

Now they have a chance to turn that around.

Meanwhile in the outer fringes of the galaxy, a powerful new force is emerging from the ashes. Ruthless and unstoppable, this colossal army is approaching the central planets with one aim – to cleanse the entire galaxy.

Rone Tintet is one of Earth’s immense army of space-faring investigators. She discovers an artefact that may reveal what really happened 200 years ago and resurrect Earth’s fortunes. She embarks on a journey far from home but will there be anything left when she returns?

In Convergent Space these two stories - one in the past, one happening right now - intertwine into a dramatic and unexpected finale.

I could say that the author approached me personally and invited me to read this book, and in a round about way he did.  But what really happened was a product of some good social media marketing via Twitter.  I can't remember if he followed me first or I saw re-tweet of his that piqued my interest, however I started to follow and decided that I would like to read this book.  The price was right too.  

I purchased my copy from Kobo here Convergent Spacecurrently it is selling for a little under Five Ozzie Dollars. Or click here to grab a copy from Amazon, were Wolf's Books may receive a commission.

(edit) The second book, set in the same universe, The Shadow Ship is also available.  I enjoyed this one even more. 

My second recommendation The Lonely Sun, is a little more expensive at around 13 Ozzie Dollars, but well worth the read

The Lonely Sun By Lee E Fuller Jr

For nearly a century mankind has been at war with an alien race that no one has ever seen. The war has reached a stalemate. Lieutenant Commander Stuart of the solo scout ship Pegasus is ordered to transport a group of scientists outside of the galaxy to test a device that could turn the tide of war to mankind's advantage. It is outside of the galaxy that Stuart discovers a star with a single planet hidden from the galaxy by intergalactic dust. On the planet lies a secret that will answer questions of human origins and ultimately decide the fate of the entire galaxy.

This one popped up in the Kobo 'Recommended For You' feed as a book similar to Convergent Space.  Well, similar in that it was in the Sci-Fi.  This book was worth the read, it has a bit of Sci-Fi and a bit of Fantasy, you could loosely compare it to A Deepness in the Sky by Verner Vinge or possibly The Helliconia Series by Brian Aldiss.  I really don't want to give too much away as the story kept me guessing about what was to going to happen next.  I may add this to my list to re-read and review in the Pulp Book series.  I good read, you can find it on the Kobo website here: The Lonely Sun

Click here to grab your copy of The Lonely Sun at Amazon, were Wolf's Books may receive a commission.

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