May 3, 2015

7 Ideas To Get You Through Your Reading Slump.

Nothing is fun when it seems like a chore, and when reading becomes a chore you're not going to set aside time to do so.  Sometimes you want to read but have no idea where to start.  If this is how your feeling then you're in a reading slump.

So how do you get out a reading slump?  I've had a look around the internet found a few articles, read a few comments and have come up with a list of ideas that you can try to break you out of your reading slump.

1. Re-read An Old Favourite. 

Recently my wife sent me a quote by C.S. Lewis which went:

"It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another one till you have read an old one in between."

This quoted seemed a bit strange to me and I will need to look into the context of why he was saying this. However it seems to align to a lot of comments I read on how others get out of their reading slump.  It looks like the best way of getting your head back into the game, is to dust off a favourite book and remember why you love reading so much.

2. Borrow Some Books From A Friend.

Think of a friend that has great taste in books, or similar tastes to your own, and borrow a few books from them.  This not only saves you money, but because you need to return it it,  also gives you a deadline to finish the book.  The upside of this is that you now have someone with whom you can discuss your thoughts with on the books you've just returned.  

Speaking of saving money on books...

4. Visit Your Local Library.

Find the time to visit your local library, and wander the shelves.  You will find inspiration because of the wide range, there should be books that don't normally grace the shelves of your local bookstore.  The benefit of this is that not only will you be supporting your local library, you won't feel guilty for wasting money on books that you didn't like or didn't end up reading, for one reason or another.

5. Try Reading Short Stories.

A lot of comments I read  mentioned the use of short story collections to break you out of your reading slump.  Depending on the length of the story and how fast you read you can complete a story story in as little as half an hour and get the motivation you need to continue on with a lengthier piece.   

Personally, short stories don't do it for me.  However it seems to work for a lot of people which is why I included it. 

Something similar to reading short stories which I have found works for me is to download a free book preview on my e-reader, which brings us to...

6. Try A Different Medium.

If you only read physical books, 'Have You Considered Going Digital?'  Instead of short stories try downloading a book sample from one of the many digital bookstores around.  If the story doesn't grab your attention in the sample then it probably ain't worth reading... 

I tried this with Burnt Ice and had ended up purchasing the rest of the series.

If you've been reading only digital books for some time maybe its time to grab a physical book. Even though I primarily read digitally, I still love the smell and feel of 'real' books which is not provided by an e-reader.

7. Try A Different Genre

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, if you've been reading too much Epic Fantasy, which describes the rocks in great detail (yes I'm looking at you J.R.R Tolkien), then maybe change to a lighter Contemporary Mystery or a cheesy Romance?

So remember the reason why you are reading, in the first place, it's for the pleasure you get out of a great story. Take your time, savor the story line, cherish the characters and revel in the resolution.  Don't compare yourself to others and how many books they are getting through.  It's not a competition, it's a passion.

Thanks for reading to the end. You may be interested in a previous post called
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P.S.  If you're wondering were point 3 went, I've ammended the following companion video with point 3 at the end.  Enjoy!

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