Jun 5, 2015

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I hope you all had a good week.  Now that the weekend is nearly upon us feel free to kick back with your favourite beverage, enjoy a good book or comtemplate if Bird Get Sunburn.  I have some suggested reading in the first article, 'Does Science Fiction Have A Canon?' or you can find your own on one of 'The Best Websites to Discover New Books'.  This weekend I'm looking forward to a nice warming espresso or long black with my morning read. Enjoy!

  • Does Science Fiction Have A Canon?
  • Seattle, Portland Top Amazon’s Most Well-Read Cities List
  • Getting Past Genre in Digital Acquisitions
  • E Ink Announces New Signage Tech, but No E-Paper
  • The Mobile Future Is Now and Amazon Is Winning It
  • The Best Websites to Discover New Books
  • Do Birds Get Sunburns?


Does Science Fiction Have A Canon?

Is there a list of essential science fiction books that all Sci-Fi reader should have read?  A canon so to say? I recently read an article about The Benefits of Reading a Book You Don’t Like, I also read a post which was written in response to it.  Basically they agreed that, for each field of endeavour, in order to be able to communicate effectively with your colleagues, you need share common experiences or texts. Read more...

Seattle, Portland Top Amazon’s Most Well-Read Cities List

Ink, Bits, and Pixels - Portland and Seattle are filled with tech geeks -  and apparently Amazon customers. Amazon released its fifth annual list of the Most Well-Read Cities in the US today, and it has a few surprised. Read more...

Getting Past Genre in Digital Acquisitions

digitalbookworld.com - The growth of ebook publishing has heralded the growth of genre publishing—and it’s no wonder: Readers gravitate toward online communities that mirror their interests. By publishing genre-oriented ebooks, publishers and authors can cater to established communities of readers. Read more...

goodereader.com - E Ink has a storied track record of announcing new e-paper at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or SID Display Week. It looks like the company doesn’t have any new plans to develop anything new for e-readers this year, instead they are focusing on digital signage. Read more...

The Mobile Future Is Now and Amazon Is Winning It

digitalbookworld.com - Two recent moves by Google drive home an e-commerce lesson many book publishers worried about Amazon’s market dominance are beginning to learn themselves—that a great deal depends on owning customer relationships with mobile users.  Read more...

The Best Websites to Discover New Books

goodereader.com - Casual readers often face challenges when new books come out by authors they love. Sure you can visit the local bookstore every few weeks and check out what is new and notable.  Today we look at the best websites that focus on e-book discovery, finding a great new read or simply getting notified when a new book comes out. Some of these companies have been around for a decade, others have just come out in a the last few years. All of these sites are heavily endorsed by millions of readers who depend on them for their day to day reading needs. Read more...

Do Birds Get Sunburns?

gavan.ca - So, I was uploading this photograph taken in Peru of a Turkey Vulture. Now, with its red head and the fact that it was on the beach in Mancora, I kind of thought that it looked like it had a sunburn. The thing is, TVs have red heads all the time, so I’ve just assumed that its not really a symptom of a sunburn in the same way it is for us (mammals). This left me wondering, though: can birds get sunburns?  Read more...

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