Jul 19, 2015

Quick Look at The Lost Voyager

The Lost Voyager: A Space Opera Novel (A Carson Mach Adventure)

by A.C. Hadfield


The Voyager, a mining ship, goes missing…
Its precious cargo could change the galaxy…
Unless one man and his crew can find the lost Voyager.

Carson Mach, a freelance rogue captain, and his crew are faced with a seemingly routine mission to find and rescue the Voyager, a missing mining ship in a remote system. Only he and his employers know what the lost ship carries in its cargo hold and the devastating consequences if it falls into the wrong hands.

On arrival to the Noven system, the destination of the Voyager, Mach and his crew have three planets to explore, with no clues as to where the ship and its artifact might be. Their first stop reveals a terrifying new enemy has joined the search, raising the stakes considerably.

If the new threat finds the cargo, it will place the entire galaxy in a perilous position from which it won’t recover. Mach and his crew must overcome impossible odds and defeat the new enemy if they’re to reach the Voyager and save the lives of trillions.

Quick Look:

This is a great quick paced read, the first page starts mid action and drags you into the story, piquing your interest, making you want to continue reading.  As with the first book 'The Atlantis Ship' you may think that the story premises is not new, especially for those familiar to a lot of sci-fi action plots, but A.C. Hadfield, writes it with enough suspense, character development and plot twists to keep you wanting to read on.

Apart from the fast paced action, the character development and world building also deliver.  The history of the main characters, which Carson Mach pulled together in the first book, are constantly being revealed throughout the story and through their experiences they grow both individually and as a team.  There seems to be a lot of thought put into the back story and universe that these characters inhabit. Things that happened in the first book continue to influence events in the second book.

Some Spoilers:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and part of the fun was trying to work out what would happen next. As mentioned previously, the premises is familiar and every time we were given a look at the new enemy I was thinking, 'it's like Aliens, no, it's like Starship Troopers, ah.. it's like the Zerg from Starcraft, no... no... hang on... What tha....' So while the story line seems familiar A.C Hadfield will do something that will take it in a different direction.

It's a great read and I'm looking forward to the next installment of the Carson Mach Adventures.  As one Amazon reviewer put it 'buy it, you won't be disappointed.'

All Carson Mach stories are standalone adventures and can be read in any order. However I would recommend reading them in order, starting with The Atlantis Ship.

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The Lost Voyager: A Space Opera Novel (A Carson Mach Adventure)
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