Jan 29, 2016

Random Articles - RAW 160129

Welcome to 2016, Following is a list of random book related articles I've collected over my time off.  Enjoy reading through them with your favourite beverage.  I got a Hario V60 Pour over coffee kit for Christmas and am still perfecting my technique.

How to Finish Over 100 Books in 2016

challies.com - Are you going to take the 2016 Reading Challenge this year? Whether you do it alone or with others, 100 books in a year can sound intimidating. Yet many people (myself included) regularly read at that pace.

E-Reader Companies Refuse to Innovate – Let’s Force Them

goodereader.com - The e-reader industry has lost most of its innovative spirit, the vast majority of companies that were around from 2007 to 2011 are all out of business.

10 simple Kobo tips and tricks

ebookfriendly.com - Enjoy the list of simple Kobo tips and tricks to let you better use your device or application.

Survey confirms the average book is 25% longer than 15 years ago

ew.com - A recent study by James Finlayson from Vervesearch confirms that books are indeed getting longer.

Scientists find evidence of mathematical structures in classic books

theguardian.com - academics put more than 100 works of world literature through a detailed statistical analysis. Tthey found that in an “overwhelming majority” of the studied texts, the correlations in variations of sentence length were governed by the dynamics of a cascade – meaning that their construction is a fractal.

How Independent Bookstores Are Thriving in the Digital Age

publishingperspectives.com -Though the media described the rise of ebooks as a death knell for independent bookstores, in reality, the lower cost of technology on all ends has enhanced the efficiency and reach of stores.

Sad Puppy Poets? - TS Eliot prize row: is winner too young, beautiful - and Chinese?

theguardian.com - When the UK’s top prize for poetry, the TS Eliot Prize, was awarded to first-time poet Sarah Howe for her book Loop of Jade (Chatto) earlier this month, a whoop of joy went up in the room. Later at the party, I heard someone say: “I wonder how long it will be before everyone begins to hate her.” Not long, as it happens.

Minnesota Man Cited for Reading James Patterson While Driving

the-digital-reader.com - Many smartphones and tablets can read ebooks aloud, but that's not good enough for one Minnesota man

Christmas Reads for Classic SF and Fantasy Fans

gollancz.co.uk - Even though the holidays are over here are some 10 great reads.

Christmas Reads for SF Lovers

gollancz.co.uk - 10 more new SF stories check out.

Your summer reading guide for 2015

abc.net.au -  Austrailan Broadcasting list of the best reads of 2015

Christianity Today's 2016 Book Awards

christianitytoday.com - the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.

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