Mar 12, 2016

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This post contains major SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I'm hoping it's been long enough since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens to discuss something which really affected me.  What made it even more traumatic for me was the lack of outcry to one big event in the movie.  I grew up with the Original Trilogy as my Star Wars  and Han Solo was my favourite character. I resound with one of the below articles which says "Han Solo taught a whole generation what masculinity was; he existed as one end of the Harrison Ford manhood magnetic pole, with Indiana Jones on the other end."  I collected two articles which express my feelings on this event, these were the only ones I came across amongst a lot of other Star Wars articles about instant bread and outrage that Rey wasn't included in many spin off marketing stuff, like games etc.

Anyway I've placed these articles at the bottom of the following list. Enjoy them with your favourite beverage.

How to Recognize a Foolish Leader? 

No matter who is elected President of the United States in November, he or she will be a sinner. He or she will be fallible and will, like all presidents, make some serious mistakes. We will not elect a messiah-in-chief.  But nonetheless, the right kind of leader, under the wise governing checks and balances constructed in the American constitution, will help guide our nation through the very precarious days that lie ahead of us. Read more...

The Future of e-Commerce: Bricks and Mortar

Remember when the future of retail was online? Now it seems that online retailers have decided they can’t get by without bricks and mortar. Amazon raised eyebrows in November when it opened its first brick and mortar extension – a bookstore in Seattle’s University Village. The online giant’s rise, after all, is blamed for laying waste to independent bookshops across the country. Read more...

How Do You Decide Between Original Content and Curating It? The Experts Weigh In. 

It has now become an age-old question for content marketers and social media managers: Is it more effective and a better use of resources to create your own content in-house? Or is it better to leverage the flood of relevant content out there on the web and curate content? Or should we do a mix? Read more...

This Animated Particle Physics Book Isn't Just For Kids

A is of Accelerator, B is for Black hole, C is for Cryostat! Those are just a few of the particle physics lessons your kids will get from Symmetry Magazine’s new lovely, animated alphabet book that gives them an early start on science. Heck, you might learn a little something too. Read more...

[The folowing articles contains major SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.]

Han Solo: All Things Must Pass

On December 18th something monumental happened, and I haven’t seen much critical discussion about it. It was an event that should have been seismic for an entire generation, yet somehow it has been lost amidst chatter. It’s the death of Han Solo, one of the foundational heroes for modern audiences, and it seems to have passed over us all like a light breeze. Read more...

J.J. Abrams Reflects on Star Wars 7’s Biggest Spoiler

Since its release last December, Star Wars: The Force Awakens completely revamped the Star Wars franchise. The successor to Return of the Jedi reawakened the joy in many fans’ hearts and reintroduced the Skywalker saga to younger audiences. It also cleaned up at the box office, with receipts totaling more than $2 billion worldwide. The seventh film in the series also received its fair share of criticism, for supposedly reusing tropes and plotlines the original films perfected, but more so than anything, left a lot of questions in its wake. Read more...

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