Mar 25, 2016

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The Easter holidays are well underway and I hope you are all enjoying this time. I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for visiting my blog and looking through my articles. I'd also like to wish you all the best for this special time of the year and pray that you may understand the reason behind these Holy days.

Sit back with your favourite beverage, as always my default is a long black coffee, and enjoy my Random Articles from across the Web...

If you know of any book  (and tech or science) related websites that I might be interested in I'd love to hear from you.

Live to Give — At Any Cost

Here in his final hours, Jesus provides his disciples, and future Christians, with the key to being distinct from the rest the world as followers of the Son of God. He tells his disciples to “love one another” as “I have loved you” so that “all people will know that you are my disciples.” Read more...

The Custodian of Forgotten Books

A little over a decade ago, a forgotten book was suddenly remembered. Its second life began when a fiction writer referenced it in a book of her own. A blogger read the new book, then tracked down a copy of the old one, and wrote about all this on his Web site. An archivist read the blog post and e-mailed it to a small publisher. By 2009, Jetta Carleton’s “The Moonflower Vine,” first published in 1962, was back in print. Read more...

How William Shakespeare Changed The Way You Talk – In Pictures

Jane Sutcliffe and John Shelley tell us about their book Will’s Words, which celebrates the massive impact The Bard has on the way we talk today. Read more...

Russell Smith: In An Age of Endless Images, Kids Are Still Hooked on Books

How could it possibly compete, now, for a child’s attention against Star Wars and the brilliant Zootopia, against endless laser battles on Netflix and on the iPad, against Minecraft and Real Racing? Read more...

The Top 7 Books That Can Make You a Better Writer

Before you sign up for an expensive writing course, it might be a good idea to crack open a book that can teach some of the important lessons on better, more effective business writing. Here's a list of the top seven books that can make you a better writer. Read more...

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