Apr 17, 2016

Kobo Offers a Price Match Guarantee and Adds 10%

Do you have a Kobo eReader or a Kobo Books account? If so I have great news for you, Kobo is now offering a Price Match Guarantee.  It works a bit differently than you would expect it to, it takes a little bit of work, but Kobo will honour it and add an extra 10% on top.

You need still need to pay the full price marked on the Kobo web site, you then have seven days to submit a request for price-matching and if approved you will receive a store credit.  I've tried it and it works.

From a business point of view I can understand why they took this route as it keeps the money within the Kobo ecosystem. You can find out more on Kobo’s website here.

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About six years ago I made the choice to purchase a Kobo eReader [link]. Two of the biggest factors which affected my decision was that (1) I didn't want to be locked into the Amazon ecosystem as Kindles do not support the EPUB file format used by many other e-book readers, whereas the Kobo eReader did. And (2) because of this I thought that I would be able to support niche publishers by buying direct from them.

A lot has happened in the intervening years and when my faithful black Kobo eReader finally became unusable [link], I spent about 12 months using smartphone apps to read. I gradually moved to swapping between the Kobo and the Kindle app.

The first step on this 'slippery slope' was that I started reading a series of novellas, The Sliding Void series, but at the time, couldn't get the third installment Red Sun Bleeding from  the Kobo Books website.  But of course, Amazon had a copy ready to download, so in order to sate my appetite I purchased it there.  The next step was signing up for a Gospel eBooks Daily Deals newsletter.  This newsletter tempted me daily with good books at good prices, some even free, but only from Amazon. These prices couldn't be matched by the Kobo website, believe me I spent hours comparing prices on each website, so my Kindle collection grew each time I couldn't pass up a discounted price.

Finally I took the plunge and purchased a Kindle, and later on a new Kobo eReader.  All this to say that I was quite excited to find out about Kobo's Price Match Guarantee early in January this year (2016).  It was a little bit of work to get the credit, as I had to find the email with my receipt number and then fill out the request form twice (apparently I had missed important details the first time) but it was worth it now I have less to outlay on my next Kobo store purchase.  I think I may get book two of A Tale of the Ketty Jay series,  The Black Lung Captain.

Have you tried Price Match Guarantee out yet?  If so what was your experience like?

Interested? Use this link to grab yourself a copy from Amazon.
The Black Lung Captain
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Kobo link here The Black Lung Captain
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