May 8, 2016

A Face Like A Potato | Tales From The Bookshop.

Tales from the Bookshop is a collection of strange events that happened during my time working in a bookshop which left me wondering if I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

The day started out like many others during my time at the bookshop until just after lunch time, I heard the bell on the front door chime as a new customer entered.  I made my way to the front counter and I must have accidentally passed through an opening into another dimension.

Wolf: Hi, how can I help?
Customer: (mumbles) face like a potato.
W: Huh? I'm sorry I didn't quite hear you.
C: You have a face like a potato.
W: (Shocked) What?!
C: DO you have a face like a potato?
W: (Thinking 'I hope not'.) I'm sorry is this a book you're after?
C; Yes. I friend told me I need a face like a potato, do you have one?
W: (Still a bit shocked..) Oh, you mean Faith Like Potatoes!
C: No, I'm sure she said it was Face Like a Potato.
W: (I take her over to the best seller stand and show her the book Faith Like Potatoes).  This is one of our best sellers at the moment, I'm sure she meant this one.
C: Well, maybe, but isn't it a bit cruel to say he has a face like a potato?
W: (Handing her the book) FAITH Like Potatoes, it's a biography about a potato farmer who became a Christian.
C: OH  FAITH! Faith! I thought it was a strange title.

It was a slow afternoon so I knocked together my version of the requested book to share with my colleges in our chain of shops.

Did you have any strange requests or interactions which happened while you were working in a bookshop?  I'd love to hear them.

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