May 29, 2016

Random Articles - RAW 160529

The last article on my this today is titled Now Is Better Than Later... because later might never come. It's in regard to selling e-books, but it's also how I've felt all weekend.  I keep thinking I'm too busy at the moment I'll do it later, but now that I've finally had a bit of clear space, I now present you with this weeks Random Articles. Still back with your favourite beverage (I'll take an Iced Tea) and put your feet up and enjoy.

Before you start don't forget to check out some of my latest posts if you haven't already:

Ask a bibliotherapist: how books can help soothe troubled minds

In answer to readers’ queries, a bibliotherapist at the School of Life in Australia prescribes reading material designed to calm and inspire. Read more...

Sci-Fi Media Coverage Dominated By Men, Survey Shows

Annual figures show reviews remain disproportionately by men, about men – although there are some signs of improvement. In early 2011, the American group Vida published the first iteration of its now-annual Vida Count, finding a striking gender imbalance in literary press coverage. Far more books reviewed in the previous year were by men than women; most of the reviewers were men.  Read more...

Women Swept The 2015 Nebula Awards

The science fiction world has had its share of drama with the Hugo Awards as various slates have worked aggressively to push against the growing numbers of women and people of color appearing on award ballots. The Nebula Awards have demonstrated, for two years in a row, that science fiction and fantasy literature remains a strong, inclusive body of literature.  Read more...

Reading with intention can change your life

A random sampling of the world’s most successful people will show one common trait: a love of reading. Reading is the easiest way to continue the learning process, increase empathy, boost creativity, and even just unwind from a long day. But books can also change the way we think and live.  Read more...

Now Is Better Than Later

In the world of mobile purchasing, online shopping pathways must be simple and fast. Because later might never come. Read more...

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