Jun 12, 2016

Up and Coming Reads | Sol (The Silver Ships Book 5)

If you've followed my blog for a while you'll know I enjoyed S. H. Jucha's The Silver Ships books.  You can see my post and vlog about the first book in this series here Two Space Operas Worth Reading.  If you like Melodramatic, Idealistic Sci-Fi with maybe a touch of Mills & Boon romance, then this is the series for you.

I've recently been informed by the author that Book Five in the series is being released 1st July, 2016.  Follow the links below to get your copy.  And of course read through it with your favourite beverage nearby.  This story looks like it may need a pot of Russian Caravan tea

Sol’s warships paid the ultimate price for threatening the Haraken and New Terran worlds. Now, Haraken President Alex Racine and his Méridien partner, Renée de Guirnon, are engaged in a desperate gamble to stop a war between their worlds and United Earth’s (UE) massive forces before it starts.

(I wonder if he can use his intimidating physique to stop it or his intimidating brain? - Wolf)

In the exciting conclusion to Haraken, the series’ previous book, Sol is the story of a clash of cultures and ideals as Earthers struggle to find a way toward a successful new future.

About The Author

Scott has been enamored with fiction novels since the age of thirteen and long been a fan of great storytellers. He's lived in several countries overseas and in many of the US states, His careers have spanned a variety of industries in the visual and scientific fields of photography, biology, film/video, software, and information technology.


Use the links below to grab yourself a copy from Amazon. and help Wolfsbooks at the same time.

Want more?

Here are the first three books in The Silver Ships series.

The Silver Ships
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(The Silver Ships Book Three)

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