Jul 11, 2016

Up and Coming Reads | Shifting Reality

In these post titled 'Up and Coming Reads', I want to provide you with some suggested reading material that I think looks interesting and would like you to consider.

Shifting Reality caught my attention not only because it has a great cover but also for the fact it has a non-western protagonist, Melati who is of Indonesian descent.  I've purchased my copy from Amazon and I am hoping to start reading it soon.  The author Patty Jensen, has written a few other Sci-Fi books and I would encourage you to check out her web site: pattyjansen.com/  If you look hard enough you can find a a recipe for Indonesian gado gado.

You can pick up an e-copy of Shifting Reality at the moment for less than $4 AUD.  Let me know what you think.

Enjoy reading more and thinking more... with your favourite beverage, of course.

Shifting Reality (ISF-Allion Book 1) 

by Patty Jansen

Melati is powerless against the machines of war. See why she won't give up.

A few years ago, a military doctor walking the corridors of New Jakarta Space Station saved Melati's life. She signed up for the International Space Force to pay back her moral debt to him. But her family thinks she has betrayed her people. It was ISF who forcefully removed their grandmothers and grandfathers from the crowded slums of Jakarta to work in interstellar space stations.

It is Melati's job to teach six-year old construct soldiers, artificial humans grown in labs and activated with programmed minds to serve in an interstellar war. Her latest cohort has one student who claims that he is not a little boy, but a mindbase traveler whose swap partner took off with his body. It soon becomes clear that a lot of people are scouring the space station for this fugitive, a scientist with dangerous knowledge about interstellar space.

The best place to hide in the space station is amongst the many cultures and subcultures of the expat Indonesian B-sector. Looking for him brings Melati into direct conflict with her people. She does not want to be seen as one of the enemy, but if the scientist's knowledge falls in the wrong hands, war will come to the station.

Interested? Here are some links where you can grab a copy.

Shifting Reality (Amazon)
Shifting Reality (Kobo)
I may get some sort of commission if you make a purchase. Doing so will help me buy more books so it should be a win-win for us both.

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