Aug 12, 2016

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There is something special happening tomorrow, Saturday 13th of August 2016 It's National Bookshop Day in Australia.

To find an event near you - click here!  or just get down to your local bookshop and support them.

Supported by the Australian Booksellers Association, bookshops will be reinforcing their message that local bookshops are an integral part of the Australian way of life. They are the first point of contact between the reader and books. They care about the customer, the reader, and the books they want to read.

Now on to our regular post, some articles you can also enjoy with your favourite beverage!

Happy birthday Beatrix Potter: the author’s legacy 150 years on

Beatrix Potter was a writer of strong contradictions. A keen business woman, the first author to license fictional characters to a range of toys and household objects still on sale today, she allowed herself to be short-changed over her royalties for years. She was an expert in natural history, boiling down animal corpses to extract their skeletons so she could understand their anatomy well enough to draw them, yet she wrote stories in which rabbits wear blue jackets and hedgehogs pinafores. A huge success, she turned her back on her literary achievements in middle age to pursue a career as a sheep-breeder.

The History of the Pulps

The nineteenth century saw a rise in deliberate attempts to produce inexpensive reading material, the most memorable of which efforts took the forms of the penny dreadful and the dime novel. Cheaply produced on low quality paper, these alternatives to more expensive reading material eventually became synonymous with sensational, low brow, and often lurid storytelling: all mantels that would come to be taken up by the pulps.

There will never be another Harry Potter Book

J.K. Rowling has written 8 Harry Potter Books, including the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script for the new stage play in London. The entire franchise has made over a billion dollars. The author told Reuters that there would be no more stories or novels based on Potter.

The ‘Jane Test,’ a New Way to Tell if Your Scripts Are Sexist

People often point to sexism in movies for what happens onscreen, but really, it’s in play before our heroine has a chance to say a line. It happens when she’s cast. It happens when she’s costumed. It happens when she gets her paycheck. But before all of that even has a chance to go down, it happens in the script—the very first keystroke that could make her a well-rounded individual, or a reductive pile of cliché. Far too often, she’s the latter.

Do Republicans Read?

There have been two major sales spikes in the past week, both of them noteworthy due to their unexpected rise in popularity and the fact that both of them were highlighted from the stage at the Democratic National Convention. The first was the “pocket Constitution,” which Khizr Khan held up in defiance to GOP candidate Donald Trump; Khan offered to loan his dog-eared copy to the candidate since he had obviously never read it. The other specific mention of a book was in former First Daughter–and possibly First Daughter again–Chelsea Clinton’s speech, who spoke passionately about her favorite childhood read, A Wrinkle in Time.

Can You Get Internet on the Moon?

Whenever you open up your laptop in a cafe, or scan the nearby area for WiFi spots with your smartphone, dozens of options seem available. There are plenty of locked connections and networks, but even so, it is possible to access the Internet almost anywhere these days.

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