Sep 25, 2016

New Star Trek Movies Controversy Explained | Kelvin Timeline | Ask Wolf

Because I like reading and watching Science Fiction and Fantasy related novels and films I often get asked questions about these topics so I thought that I would try to answer some of these frequently asked questions in this new series Ask Wolf.  I was so temped to call it Werewolf, or Unraveling the Gordian Knot, but I guess these are 'in-jokes' which most people couldn't relate to.  Anyway I'm here to help and I'll try to answer any questions related to my interests.

To kick off the series, I'm explaining the controversy over the new Star Trek movies. As in what's going on with this new Star Trek Movies reboot? Why don't things happen the way it did in the The Original Series?  Sit back with your favourite beverage and enjoy this quick look at:

New Star Trek Movies Controversy Explained | Kelvin Timeline

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