Sep 7, 2016

Up and Coming Reads | The Celaran Refuge by Michael McCloskey

The Parker Interstellar Travels Series (PIT) continues with The Celaran Refuge. These books are big on action and relatively quick paced. Each book is written with a cliff hanger ending and the plans and adventures build on the former ones which means that you can't start at any book. I would recommend that you read them as a whole starting at book one, The Trilisk Ruins (It's free to download*)

What I liked the best about this series is the very detailed world building, McCloskey has put a lot of thought into why the aliens don't behave like humans. Buy them all and have a read, they have Wolfs Seal of Approval, enjoy them with a cold-brew ice coffee.

I've purchased my copy and have already started  (NineFox Gambit will have to wait for the moment while I read this one).  If you've read it I'd love to hear what you thought.

While on this topic why don't you take a look at my post on this series:
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Interested? Use the links below to grab yourself a copy 

The Celaran Refuge by Michael McCloskey

The PIT team learns more about friend and foe alike as they fight for their lives alongside their new allies, the Celarans.

Currently Book one -The Trilisk Ruins, the Kindle version is free* for download on Amazon, so if you are disappointed you can get your money back. 

Wolf's Books may receive a commission.
* as of 4th September 2016, this could change at any time.

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