Oct 21, 2016

Random Articles about Time Travel - RAW 161021

When my two oldest son’s were five and three years old I gave them a cardboard box and an old radio to pull apart, I never expected that I would end up in trouble from them for withholding critical information about the inner workings of the time machine they were ‘building’. It wasn’t working and they were very unimpressed when I wouldn’t provide the technical knowledge they required.

How could I tell them that robots from the future would come back in time and try to kill us if I allowed them to create one? Because I know one of them is going to create a killer robot soon, no point in giving it a time machine as well.

If you’re like me then there will be times in your life that you wish you could to travel back in time and knowing what we know now, make different decisions. These points in time generally involve feelings of regret especially if we believe those times changed our lives for the worst.

The reality is that we all have to live with the mistakes we’ve made. We don’t have the power to undo our mistakes. So where do we find hope and rest in our regrets?

Check out the the first article What Is Your Biggest Regret? for a real world solution.

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What Is Your Biggest Regret?

Mankind has always been fascinated with time travel. The popularity of movies and shows like the Back to the Future franchise and Doctor Who are evidence of a genuine interest. Don’t believe me? Bring it up around your friends sometime. We typically gravitate to a favorite era in history or particular events in time that intrigue us. But if we really could go back in time, would we really choose to visit an era or event?

James Gleick on How Our Cultural Fascination with Time Travel Illuminates Memory, the Nature of Time, and the Central Mystery of Human Consciousness

Time is the two-headed Baskerville hound chasing us as we run for our lives — and from our lives — driven by the twain terrors of tedium and urgency. Toward what, we dare not think. Meanwhile, our information-input timelines are called “feeds.” We feast on time as time feasts on us. Time and information, if they are to be disentwined at all, dictate our lives. Is it any wonder, then, that we would rebel by trying to subjugate them in return, whether by formalizing them with our calendars or by fleeing from them with our time travel fantasies?

Computer solves a major time travel problem

The ‘grandfather paradox’ of time travel has been puzzling philosophers, quantum physicists and novelists for years. Now there’s an answer as Cathal O’Connell reports.

Teleportation of light particles across cities in China and Canada a 'technological breakthrough'

Scientists have shown they can teleport photons across a city, a development that has been hailed as "a technological breakthrough". However, do not expect to see something akin to the Star Trek crew beaming from the planet's surface to the Starship Enterprise.

The ‘impossible’ EM Drive is about to be tested in space

The EM Drive is one of the most controversial pieces of technology in the realm of space science, and it’s about to be put to the test for the first time.
Theoretically, the EM Drive can generate thrust without producing exhaust. That means it’s basically a rocket engine that runs without rocket fuel. Scientists who have studied the theories behind it say an EM Drive could take a spacecraft all the way to Mars in just 10 weeks running on zero rocket fuel.

Valerian' Time-Traveling Ship and Other Sci-Fi Awesomeness Revealed

"Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets," a big-budget action movie built from a long-running French comic, has arrived at New York Comic Con. Its booth here at the Javits Convention Center mashes up the old and the new, featuring an old-school comic shop alongside computer-generated imagery (CGI) of a spaceship for visitors to explore and an eye-catching display of the film's poster.

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