Nov 4, 2016

Random Articles - RAW 161104

It's the weekend again and are some handpicked articles from across the internet which I found interesting and hope that you will too. 

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Sit back now with your favourite beverage and enjoy some weekend reading.

Read The Fantastic Ursula K. Le Guin - The New Yorker

In the late nineteen-thirties, in a tall house in Berkeley, California, a girl climbs out the attic window onto the roof in search of solitude. If she scrambles far enough up the redwood shingles, she can reach her own Mt. Olympus, the roof’s peak. From here, she can gaze out over the rough blue of the bay to the city of San Francisco, row upon row of white houses climbing the hills above the water. The city is strange to her—she rarely ventures so far from home—but the view is hers, and splendid. Beyond it she knows there are islands with a magical name: the Farallons. She imagines them as “the loneliest place, the farthest west you could go.”

Revisionist History: Penguin Now Claims to Have "Read Too Much into the eBook Hype" | The Digital Reader

Remember seven years ago when Penguin was one of five publishers which conspired with Apple to bring about agency ebook pricing? Remember back in 2012 when they got caught in the conspiracy, the DOJ filed charges, and Penguin settled rather than going to trial? If you can recall both events then I have some good news for you; you have a better memory than Penguin.

Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say

Claire Handscombe has a commitment problem online. Like a lot of Web surfers, she clicks on links posted on social networks, reads a few sentences, looks for exciting words, and then grows restless, scampering off to the next page she probably won’t commit to. “I give it a few seconds — not even minutes — and then I’m moving again,” says Handscombe, a 35-year-old graduate student in creative writing at American University. But it’s not just online anymore. She finds herself behaving the same way with a novel.

This Doctor Who-Roger Hargreaves Mashup Book Series is Straight Up Adorable |

Roger Hargreaves was a renowned children’s book author and illustrator responsible for the Mr Men and Little Miss series’, and many others. Though he has been gone nearly thirty years, his imagination lives on–and will soon be found in a joint project between Sanrio, Penguin Random House, and BBC Worldwide as a series of Doctor Who books created in his illustration style.

New Dwarf Planet Found in Our Solar System

A new face has been added to the solar system's family portrait: Scientists have discovered a new dwarf planet looping around the sun in the region beyond Pluto. The dwarf planet, called 2014 UZ224, measures about 330 miles (530 kilometers) across and is located about 8.5 billion miles (13.7 billion km) from the sun, NPR reported today (Oct. 11). For comparison, Pluto's largest moon, Charon, is about 750 miles (1,200 km) in diameter, and reaches a maximum distance of about 4.5 billion miles (7.3 billion km) from the sun.

'Golden Record' Sent to Aliens Now Available on Earth

In 1977, NASA launched two spacecraft that would venture far out into deep space, each carrying a golden record with a message from Earth for any aliens the vessels might encounter. Now, for the first time ever, that record will be available to people on Earth. A new Kickstarter campaign is making copies of that golden record available to the public. Other than the two copies on NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft, only 10 copies exist, most of which are on display in NASA facilities. Even Carl Sagan, who led the golden record project, could not get his hands on a copy.

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