Feb 10, 2017

Weekend Reads - RAW 170210

Welcome to the weekend! Here are a few articles you can read during your down time, maybe over a cup of coffee in the morning or a peaceful time during the day. Keep an eye out on Sunday evening for my article about J.R.R. Tolkien and Epic Fantasy, but whenever you do it remember to Read More and Think More... with your favourite beverage.

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Charles Stross On Why Sci-Fi Matters More When The Future Looks So Dangerous

2016 was the year in which global politics went nonlinear. On which note, I'd like to stop talking politics and explain what this means for science fiction.

Study Suggests Better Tech Means Higher Reading Comprehension on the Small Screen | The Digital Reader

New research from the Neilsen Norman group casts doubt on previous research which had shown that readers are no longer losing reading comprehension when they read on smaller screens.

What's Up with 'Niku'? Object's Weird Orbit Puzzles Scientists

A mysterious object in the outer reaches of the solar system is revolving around the sun in an abnormal way, and scientists currently cannot explain why. The object has been nicknamed Niku, a Chinese adjective that means "rebellious," by the group of researchers who announced its discovery in August. This name was chosen because the object's orbit is retrograde, meaning it moves in the opposite direction of nearly everything else in the solar system.

Graphene-Fed Silkworms Produce a Super-Strong Silk That Conducts Electricity | Futurism

The carbon-enhanced silk conducts electricity, is twice as tough as regular silk, and can withstand at least 50 percent higher stress before breaking. This smart textile could have applications in medicine, athletics, wearable electronics...the possibilities are endless.

IBM just posted 5 predictions about what life will be like in 2022 | ScienceAlert

Technology giant IBM is known for of making bold predictions about the future, and it's just announced its latest "5 in 5" list, highlighting the five innovations that they think will have the biggest impact on our lives over the next five years.

8 Classics Every Christian Should Read | Discover

Aside from the Holy Bible, there are certain books that all Christians should read. The following list of books is not comprehensive but should give you a head start on some great literature that will encourage you in the Christian life. Here are eight classics (in no particular order) every Christian should read

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