Mar 3, 2017

Weekend Reads - RAW 170303

Welcome to the weekend. This week we look at Shakespeare and Universal Basic Income plus a few others topics. I hope you find something of interest. So sit back with your favourite beverage this weekend to read more and think more.

The Parallels Between Shakespeare and George R. R. Martin

There is nothing new under the sun.” Idiom or parable, regardless of how you would characterize it, it’s most certainly widely accepted – and oft lamented – wisdom. In a period where it seems as if our modes of entertainment are increasingly full of recycled ideas, remakes and re-imaginings, the phrase has taken on a sour note. It is shorthand for our collective desire for something new, something original. But let’s look at the larger truth: Stories – and the writers who create them – are not birthed in a vacuum. Fiction, no matter its form, is largely the melding of inspiration from various sources. T

A Guide To Shakespeare: From Page, To Stage, To Screen...

37 known theatrical works equals an awful lot of inspiration for subsequent storytellers. As the Bard’s 400th birthday approaches, we take a look at some of the best adaptations of his work in film

This Finnish Guy Gets A $600 Per Month 'Basic Income' For Doing Absolutely Nothing | Business Insider

Earlier this year, in an effort to learn about people’s work habits, Finland launched an experiment giving $600 to 2,000 unemployed Finns every month for two years. Kela, the federal agency running the experiment, billed it as a modified version of the economic model known as universal basic income, though some people argued it didn’t qualify. Given people had to be unemployed, it wasn’t technically universal.

Watch video: NASA's Plan to Give Our Moon Its Own Moon - Seeker - Video

Good news, space junkies: NASA is planning a cosmic heist so audacious, so empirically cool, that it will make the standard orbital mission look like a trip to the corner store. The plan? NASA hopes to grab a rock off a passing asteroid, steal it, then deposit it into orbit around the moon.

3-D-printed organ-on-a-chip with integrated sensors

The heart-on-a-chip is entirely 3-D printed with built-in sensors that measure the contractile strength of the tissue, providing scientists with new possibilities for studying the musculature of the heart

Can We Find God in Pretty Much Anything On TV?

Television is being transformed. Long considered something of a low-art stepchild to cinema—both the fuel and fodder of mass culture in all of its capitalist glory—TV has decidedly matured. No longer bound to old broadcast models and the confines of “Mondays at 8/7 Central” timeslots, television’s very form is changing. But so is its reputation. Through shows like The Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Wire, and many others, television is now considered a “prestige” medium attracting the best visual storytellers of the day.

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