Oct 4, 2017

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Following on from my video What's the Difference Between Christian Science Fiction and Regular Science Fiction, I have added a list of my favourite Christian science fiction novels below as a starting off point for those wishing to start reading in this genre.

The first two, the Empyrion novels, are among my favourite science fiction books of all time. Since getting the first book for Christmas 1987, I re-read those 2 books many times over the intervening years and have never gotten tired of them.

I would really recommend anything by Stephen Lawhead as he thoroughly researches the topics and is a very good storyteller.

These books below involve space travel and alien worlds, however there are other Christian science fiction titles where the story stays on Earth.  The best selling series in this genre would most likely be The Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.  This series of 12 books deals with the ramifications of what it what may happen, when Jesus Christ returns to end time.  It's apocalyptic for sure and takes it's ques from one interpretation on the books of Revelation and Daniel.

For those who like parallels worlds then Ted Dekker may be the one for you. He has a few series dealing with this, The Circle, Paradise Series and The Lost Books Series

If you have a favourite Christian science fiction book, please let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you.

Empyrion I: The Search for Fierra

by Stephen Lawhead
Orion Treet, an itinerant and often-unemployed writer, is abducted at gunpoint. Then he is offered eight million dollars and the adventure of a lifetime. The mission? To observe and chronicle the growth of a new extraterrestrial colony: Empyrion. Arriving on the planet Fierra, Treet discovers a civilization in decline, fragmented by millennia of mistrust and hatred. To survive, he and his odd assortment of companions must unscramble the mysteries around them . . . before time runs out for the settlement.

Read more about my history with Empyrion here: Empyrion by Stephen Lawhead

Empyrion II: The Siege of Dome

by Stephen Lawhead
How resilient is the human spirit in the face of merciless oppression? What values in life stand up to certain death? In the second and concluding Empyrion book, Orion Treet determines to return to Dome after his brief respite among the peaceable, graceful Fieri. No one but Orion and a handful of rebels seriously believes that Dome will carry out its threat to annihilate Fierra. Abandoned by his companions from Earth, Treet becomes a solitary figure in a deadly civil war.

Read more about my thoughts on the Fierra nation here: Why I Dislike Utopian Fiction

The Space Trilogy

(Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, That Hideous Strength) by C.S. Lewis
Nestled somewhere in Lewis’ back catalogue are three books that remain somewhat obscure and are simply referred to as the 'Space Trilogy.'

The result is a work that is much more complicated than a single reading can capture but also one that is rewarding beyond words for any reader willing to seek out these books. These books capture Lewis at the top of his creative game and his ability to distil his favourite themes and ideas into the universe. 
Relevant Magazine | C S Lewis Space Trilogy

The Space Trilogy or sometimes known as the Cosmic Trilogy, revolves the character Elwin Ransom, who is a philologist (like J R R Tolkien).

 In Out of the Silent Planet, he is kidnapped and bundled off to Mars, or Macalandra as the locals like to call it. It's a delightful exploration of the planet and it's inhabitants as Ransom travels to find someone who can help him return to Earth.

In Perelandra, Ransom is transported, to the water world of Venus, to prevent that world's version of 'The Fall' in a somewhat blunt and not so subtle retelling of Genesis' Garden of Eden.

That Hideous Strength completes the trilogy and finds Dr Ransom returned from his travels in space and living in an English university town - where the Senior Common Room is given a mysterious depth, a more than earthly dimension which such things, in the author's view, always have in life.

C.S. Lewis believed that popular science was the new mythology of his age, and in The Cosmic Trilogy he ransacks the uncharted territory of space and makes that mythology the medium of his spiritual imagination.

Read more about my thoughts on the Cosmic Trilogy here: C.S Lewis Cosmic Trilogy More Than Meets The Eye

Dream Thief

by Stephen Lawhead
Epic science fiction about alien intervention in human civilization, in which a sleep researcher on an orbiting space station is contacted through his dreams by an alien intelligence bent on the manipulation of humankind. The struggle to prevent this domination takes him to a terraforming project on Mars. There, among the howling winds of a hostile planet, he discovers the decaying remains of an ancient civilization whose demise just might hold the clue to saving humanity.

"Science Fiction and Fantasy elements are combined to produce a Hi-Tech mystical experience. . . . This is an original and accomplished tale bursting with suspense and intrigue." SFF Books Reviews

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