Jan 12, 2018

Weekend Reads - 180112

Welcome to the weekend! This edition of Weekend Reads is a bit of a mixed bag, an article to help you read more books this year, the things we trade off to reach our ambitions, and a philosophical look at the new season of Black Mirror, plus more.

So find a comfy chair, grab your favourite beverage and have a read through these articles.

How to Make Reading Central to Your Personal Growth in the Coming Year.

At the end of the day, we all still trade connection for ambition, vulnerability for control, grace for law. I know this because I do, too, in a million different ways.

The new Black Mirror (season four), has the second movement of its final episode, "Black Museum," as its highest conceptual achievement (the second is the whole of the first episode "USS Callister") is aggressively (even obsessively) Cartesian. This is so disappointing. (What do you think? -Wolf)

Kepler-90 is the first star with as many planets as our own sun, though its solar system is a strange and squished up place.

Teruaki Enoto, a physicist at Kyoto University in Japan, proved for the first time, in a paper published Nov. 23, that lightning bolts work as natural particle accelerators.

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