Jan 19, 2018

Weekend Reads For Aspiring Writers - 1801 Edition

Welcome, I hope your all having a good week. This week I have a collection of articles about writing. There's one about who could possibily fill J.R.R Tolkien's shoes, or at least who is almost as good.

Speaking of fantasy writers I've included 15 tips of writing advice from C.S. Lewis. There's also some articles I've found interesting about generating ideas (not something I have problem with) and some tips on how to create a writing habits (something I do have a problem with). So hopefully there'll be some interesting reading for both writers and readers alike.

But before starting on these articles have a read of my latest post Cryptic, Ambiguous and Hypnotic - The Gunslinger, where I come to the conclusion that this is a book more for writers or aspiring writers, than readers.


If you look at what’s playing on your television, at what’s showing at the local cinema, at what video games your children are playing, or at what is selling in the young adult section of your neighborhood Barnes & Noble, you’ll see something that is at once deeply cultural and deeply countercultural at the exact same moment: Romanticism.

In his letters and other sources, C. S. Lewis left various bits of advice on the craft of writing. Below are 15 of the things he said...

I have had the pleasure and privilege to write a series of humorous stories that have found wide popularity with both children and adults. I am asked regularly how one writes books that appeal to young and old alike and that is a good question.

We all have a million excellent ideas for stories, but, without fail, they magically disappear the minute we sit down to write

One of the big secrets (hint: it’s not actually a secret) of finishing that novel you’re writing is to get into the habit of writing regularly. There’s an adage of sorts about how if you write 100 words every day you’ll finish a novel in a year.

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