Sep 30, 2016

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Welcome to the weekend!  Here are a few hand curated articles from across the internet, I'm sure one of these will be of interest to you.

I've been trying my had at a different media, video, so before you go why no check out my YouTube channel.  Last week I looked at a Star Trek Controversy and this coming Sunday I will tackle the Lack Of Resolutions In The Wheel Of Time.  There are several others new additions especially if you like 'Old School' science fiction, most no longer than 5 minutes. 

Now sit back with your favourite beverage and enjoy! 

No, the Internet Has Not Killed the Printed Book. Most People Still Prefer Them.

Sixty-five percent of adults in the United States said they had read a printed book in the past year, the same percentage that said so in 2012. When you add in ebooks and audiobooks, the number that said they had read a book in printed or electronic format in the past 12 months rose to 73 percent, compared with 74 percent in 2012.

Gaiman to retell Norse myths in new title

Bloomsbury has acquired the UK and Commonwealth rights to Norse Mythology, a retelling of the Norse myths by Neil Gaiman. Rebecca McNally, publishing director at Bloomsbury, struck the deal in a “hotly contested” auction from Elisabeth Kerr, rights director at Norton.

10 Literary Terms to Impress (or Annoy) Your Friends

You might not know it, but you have probably put a prolepsis into play recently. Did you know that a signature isn’t necessarily a scribbled name on a credit card receipt? You know that classic character that Gilda Radner played on “Saturday Night Live” who’d confuse “violence” with “violins”? Do you know what kind of mistake that is? You probably know what a climax is, and maybe even how to pronounce denouement, but do you know what part of a plot makes up the anagnorisis?

The 3 Golden Rules Of Writing A Science Fiction Book

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres in literature, and certainly the one with the most cultural influence. So what is it about sci-fi stories that readers love so much, and how can authors use that knowledge to create their own sci-fi masterpiece?
In this article I’ll be exploring why sci-fi is so influential, and identifying the 3 golden rules that lead to a great sci-fi story. Of course before identifying what makes great sci-fi, we need to talk about what doesn’t…

Meet The Pulsing Wristband That Could Replace Caffeine

Jack Hooper, the founder of a startup called Doppel, has just given me a plastic wristband that promises to make me more awake and focused.
I’ve come to his shared- office space in the heart of London’s old textile district with a cup of decaffeinated coffee in my hand, primed for something to do the job that caffeine normally does.

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