Nov 13, 2016

Up and Coming Reads | The Corporation Wars: Dissidence by Ken MacLeod

I read Ken MacLeod's Engines of Light series when it first came out and remember enjoying it, so I was pleased to see this new series being released. This story has an interesting premise and one which hasn't been too over used so I look forward to seeing how he handles the subject.

Ken has also recently published an article titled Is Science Fiction Past Its Sell-By Date? which is a good read too. 

The Corporation Wars: Dissidence

by Ken MacLeod

One of SFX magazine's Most Anticipated Books for 2016An epic vision of man and machine in the far reaches of space

Carlos is dead. A soldier who died for his ideals a thousand years ago, he's been reincarnated and conscripted to fight an A.I. revolution in deep space. And he's not sure he's fighting for the right side.
Seba is alive. By a fluke of nature, a contractual overlap and a loop in its subroutines, this lunar mining robot has gained sentience. Gathering with other 'freebots', Seba is taking a stand against the corporations that want it and its kind gone.
As their stories converge against a backdrop of warring companies and interstellar drone combat, Carlos and Seba must either find a way to rise above the games their masters are playing, or die. And even dying will not be the end of it.

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The Corporation Wars: Dissidence
by Ken MacLeod

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