Feb 24, 2017

Weekend Reads - RAW 240217

The weekend is with
us, once again and here are some interesting articles you can peruse during your down time.  You may find your next scifi or business book in the first two articles or learn more about you 'better halfs' love language. Whichever it is enjoy reading this weekend with your favourite beverage.

The World's Best Science Fiction, Chosen By Scientists | Lifehacker Australia

Tales of strange alien worlds, fantastic future technologies and bowls of sentient petunias have long captivated audiences worldwide. But science fiction...

The Best Business Books I Read in 2016 - Michael Hyatt

I’ve worked in and around publishing my entire professional life, and I’ve written several books of my own. I believe in the power of books to help people improve and grow. Read the right books, and you can trigger massive transformation in your life.More than any other business books I read this year, five titles especially challenged me, stretched my thinking, and helped me to grow personally and professionally. Each one also benefited my team in different ways. I bet they can do the same for you.

Netflix Earnings Are Driven by Investment in Original Content | WIRED

ORIGINAL CONTENT IS paying off for Netflix in a big, big way. The company just recorded the biggest quarter in its 19-year history, adding a record 7.05 million subscribers. That’s almost two million more new viewers than even Netflix expected, with a fair number of them. Already, 47 percent of its subscribers live somewhere other than the US.

Ransomware Attack Paralyses St Louis Libraries As Hackers Demand Bitcoins | The Guardian

Libraries in St Louis have been bought to a standstill after computers in all the city’s libraries were infected with ransomware, a particularly virulent form of computer virus used to extort money from victims.

The Bestsellers: The 5 Love Languages | Tim Challies

The heart of the book is a description of the five common languages people use to express love: affirming words, gift-giving, physical touch, quality time, and acts of service. Each person has tendencies toward some of these languages and away from others. And, indeed, most of us can look at the list and quickly put them in order of personal preference. The key application is that each person needs to understand his or her spouse’s love language and then learn to show love in that way. It is implied that the spouse will reciprocate and a happy marriage will ensue—the communication mismatch that lies at the heart of so much conflict will be resolved.

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