Sep 27, 2017

Discover | Starfire: A Red Peace by Spencer Ellsworth

The cover alone made me stop scrolling and click on the link to see what this book is all about. There are four things that prompt me to purchase a book and the cover is one of them so the first box was ticked. As the old adage goes, you can't judge a book by it's cover so I needed to look into it a bit more. Heading over to one of my favourite websites, and I found this:

Starfire: A Red Peace is a tight, tense little book. And it has some weird and engaging worldbuilding. This is a galaxy with a Dark Zone filled with things called Shir that eat worlds and stars, where instead of fighter pilots, Starfire’s Vanguard use the shells of dead creatures from a world without atmosphere, and where the “crosses” use soulswords that not only kill people, but suck out their memories and allow the soulswords’ wielders to know what these memories contain. Swords! Duels! Stabbing! And extremely modified people called “Suits” who can survive vacuum. Some of this stuff is batshit. All of it is cool.

I like space opera, but sometimes the weird genre just doesn't grab my attention, especially when mixed with space opera, however this one looks very interesting. It's the start of a series so why not grab a copy and read it while enjoying a Kimchi Soda.

Starfire: A Red Peace

The Starfire Trilogy #1 by Spencer Ellsworth
A Red Peace, first in Spencer Ellsworth's Starfire trilogy, is an action-packed space opera in a universe where the oppressed half-Jorian crosses have risen up to supplant humanity and dominate the galaxy.

Half-breed human star navigator Jaqi, working the edges of human-settled space on contract to whoever will hire her, stumbles into possession of an artifact that the leader of the Rebellion wants desperately enough to send his personal guard after. An interstellar empire and the fate of the remnant of humanity hang in the balance.

Spencer Ellsworth has written a classic space opera, with space battles between giant bugs, sun-sized spiders, planets of cyborgs and a heroine with enough grit to bring down the galaxy's newest warlord.

In these post titled 'Discovery (or Up and Coming Reads)', I want to provide you with some suggested reading material. These are books which look interesting to me and that I'd like to share with you. The links will be affiliate links, so if you going to make a purchase at Amazon I'd appreciate you using the link. Doing so will help me buy more books so it should be a win-win for us both.

Enjoy reading more and thinking more... with your favourite beverage!

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