Apr 15, 2016

Random Articles - RAW 160415

Welcome, to this weeks edition of R.A.W.  From Five Fun Facts About Alpha Centauri, best iPad apps to use with the Apple Pen, to Andy Warhol and My Smartphone and of course book stuff.  So grab your favourite beverage and enjoy a good read.

This weekend my wife and I will be enjoying a Hario V60 brewed Merlo coffee.  Oh, and if you haven't already seen it take a look at my latest post World Building - One of my favorite things

Five Fun Facts About Alpha Centauri 

Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, billionaire investor Yuri Milner and a panel of scientists announced today (April 12) that they plan to send hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny spaceships into space, toward Alpha Centauri. It may be a generation before the project, called Breakthrough Starshot, takes off, but in the meantime, here are five weird facts about Alpha Centauri. Read more...

Print, eBook, or Audio? Tips for Finishing More Books

Finishing 100 books in a year is not as hard as it might sound—if you put a little variety in your technique. Books are accessible to us in so many ways. Obviously, you can read the printed page. But you can sometimes read free PDF’s. You can read eBooks on your Kindle, Nook, smart phone, iPad, and computer. You can read books on Bible software programs like Accordance and Logos. You can even get others to read to you on audiobooks!  Read more...

Parts of Bible May Have Been Written Earlier Than Expected, Archaeologists Say

Using handwriting analysis technology similar to that employed by intelligence agencies and banks to analyze signatures, a Tel Aviv University team determined that a famous hoard of ancient Hebrew inscriptions, dated to around 600 BCE, were written by at least six different authors. Read more...

My Favorite iOS Apps for Taking Notes with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

7 Apps That Finally Make the Dream of Digital Note-Taking Fun and Easy. When the iPad Pro was first announced, a couple of the guys in my Inner Circle™ bought it. They raved about it, and said the Pencil was a game-changer. They claimed it was more precise than any stylus on the market and virtually lag-free. Though I was skeptical, I decided to go to the Apple Store and give it a spin. Read more...

Selfies and Polaroids of Intimacy | Andy Warhol and My Smartphone

Andy Warhol (1928–1987) was a contemporary American artist, skilled at replicating images and pop icons in a way that grabbed attention — and that’s what he was: a master of reproducing visual enticements. Three of his most famous painting showcase this repetition: 8 Elvises, 32 soup cans, 50 Marilyn Monroe portraits.
He was less concerned with originality, and more concerned with reproducing what got noticed, and so he focused on visible life, driven to document life like an addiction, impulsively carrying around still cameras and video cameras and audio recorders decades before the iPhone made this type of thing socially normal and technologically convenient. Read more...

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