Sep 8, 2017

Weekend Reads - RAW 170908

This week we look at the question 'Should fans desires overrule author’s wishes', how Kobo is better that Amazon, beautiful bookstores and more. So when you have some time to relax this weekend, grab your favourite beverage and have a read of the following articles.

Like most authors living or gone, Pratchett had several unfinished works on his computer, books he never got around to finishing. 10 works, in fact. We learned a few days ago that his will stipulated those works be destroyed — by steamroller

The Christian gospel has a way of making us all writers in some way, shape, or form. From text messages, emails, and written notes, to church newsletters, missionary support letters, blogs, articles, and even books, everyday Christians do a lot of writing — and chances are you do too.

Amazon and Kobo both have a number of electronic readers in their portfolio. Each of these devices are bundled with a digital bookstore that customers can easily purchase e-books, comics and manga. Amazon was first to market and Kobo a few years later. Over the course of the past four years Kobo has managed to out-innovate Amazon with a number of features never seen on e-readers before. The scrappy Toronto startup is starting to win over customers as people flee from Barnes and Noble or when other bookstores go out of business.

The first thing I noticed upon entering Livraria Lello in Porto, Portugal was its famed staircase. Curvy and red, it rises from the floor as if by magic. Word has it that J.K. Rowling herself was inspired by it when creating the world of Harry Potter and the magical library at Hogwarts. It’s no wonder Livraria Lello has made countless lists of the most beautiful bookstores in the world

From the moment that seven Earth-sized planets were discovered in orbit around TRAPPIST-1 — an ultracool dwarf star located 39 light years away — astronomers have been busy trying to learn everything they can about this intriguing star system, particularly its potential to foster life. Recently, an international team of scientists used the Hubble Space Telescope to assess the chances of water existing on these planets — and the results are promising.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO believes the only way to keep pace with artificial intelligence is to upgrade human intelligence.

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